Centerville has always been a place of charm and culture. Its churches, schools and organizations have been recognized for their social contributions. Its people are struggling to assist business, provide housing, handle traffic and preserve some of its historic charm and beauty. Centerville is working hard to recapture its glory days with strong plans for redeveloping the Historic downtown area. The restored historic Centerville depot is just the beginning. The new civic plaza adjacent to the Depot – Bill Ball Plaza – is another example of area redevelopment. City Redevelopment plans include a new shopping center. For more information please visit the City of Fremont's Web Site. Citizen projects for restoration include bringing a community theater to the historic movie house on Fremont Boulevard. The Centerville District of Fremont has always been a prosperous and safe place for immigrant families to put down roots in the United States. Centerville is proud of its reputation as a melting pot of ethnic groups.